Seeking for Horopito

I and my two girls have had a long weekend. We stayed in Rotorua in day 1, in Turangi in day 2, then visited the Horopito supplier Dean in Eura. 450km away from Auckland.

  This is a native Horopito tree. They grow in Dean’s sheep farm land.

Dean has Horopito trees of 500 years old in his sheep farm land!!! Of course they are native and wild. Therefore, purely organic and natural.

Despite of 500 year old, they are not tall. They are about 1.5-2.0m high.

I have searched Horopito in Auckland. We visited the major gardening shops and the Botanic Garden. But we have never found Horopito.

I asked Dean to give me a nursery plant. He gave me the 5 year-old tree! How precious! You may not see how big it is from the photo. But it has already grown large roots. It could not fit in a large pot. Thus, we put it in the rear luggage space of my Prius. I could not see the back of car well as the Horopito tree is big.

Then we visited Dean’s shop in Ohakune. He is selling his brand Rhayne and others there.

After the visit of Horopito farm, we visited Whakapapa village. The weather was horrible. Unfortunately there were no shuttle services available to the ski field.

We left Whakapapa Village at 1:30pm then reached home in Auckland at 7:30pm! How far…

I was so tired.

But so fulfilled.

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