Time to change again. Time to give myself a feeling of security.

My great manager is leaving. He will sign up with a new position in the other department within our organization. He is a great manager. He is practical so that he does not care what time and where I work as long as I output what he expects.

My man would be leaving too. He established his company jointly with his business partners. But he has been in troubles with them all the time and has been unhappy and stressed out. Now he wants to leave and get a new job. If he gets the job he desires he would lose opportunities to visit Auckland for business. Then I would not be able to see him.

Oh, no. I would lose two men who give me a feeling of security. Probably it is time to give myself the feeling.

So how can I give myself that feeling? I believe when I follow my honest inner voices I feel happiness and fulfillment. When I chase my desire, a supporter pop up in the air and help me. This is my experience. I immigrated New Zealand with my two girls although I had no job, no house to live and no relatives nor family. I happen to see an old friend of mine, and he gave a great emotional support to me. When I chase my desire that involves risks that I would fail, I always feel anxious. At the same time I get support provided by cosmos or a god or so. This makes me feeling secured.

Through self-centered business I want to chase my honest desires. I want to create arts. My inner voice is telling so.

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