Self-centered business chart

This is the chart that shows the flow of self-centered business. In another word, Shinto Shrine style marketing.

This has been created by Sayaka Yagi. She is a super charismatic blogger and influencer in the Japanese SNS. She used to be a sex worker. She started her blog and came out that she is a sex worker eight years ago. Since then she has been sharing her very honest thoughts and experiences, and exposing all of her life through her SNS. Many of her messages are too honest and too controversial and crazy. For example, she stated that she wanted a baby whose dad is not identical. Then she did have a baby boy. Nobody knows who is his dad. Even Sayaka does not. Her honest, brave and crazy behaviors and statements have been influencing many women including me.

She is surprisingly making a great success in business and love life despite of her crazy life. This is attracting many women. This year her sales is already over $5 million. She sold her online business course to over 10,000 people making sales of over $3million. At the same time, she sells cosmetics, bath salt, CDs etc. Why is she making success although what she is doing is completely against common sense?

She provided her unique style business course online from June to August. I really enjoyed this course. She is happy with attendees of her course to share her method with others for free. Thus, I am writing this article and others in the near future.

Now she is keen to disseminate her business approach to women by creating businesses following her business style: self-centered business. She is buying properties in Iki island. Her intentions is gathering women in there and train them to create own businesses.

There are so many things about her and her business to tell… I am stopping here today.

I would like to translate and explain this chart. Before that I would need to explain how a Shinto Shrine look like. I will do soon…

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