My first abstract painting

I had an inspiration that I will be a painter on 1 September. On that day I and my girls went to the Sunday Market in Takapuna, Auckland. There was a basking artist in a rabbit costume. I had never seen an artist in the market. I talked to him and got his basking drawing for $10. I am not sure this is too cheap or not. But I did not see a bigger note in his hat.

His name is Moet Edwin.

I took this is a message from the universe or god or spirit or whatever. I had been wanting to paint. That was my most favorite activity in my teen. When I was a high school student, people thought you cannot live on your own if you are a painter. It is the same at this era too. So I went to the good university where you would have better changes to get a good job in the future. I had been thinking that “Don’t be silly. You can not become a great painter that can earn enough income to myself and my girls. These are the those who have great talent and graduated art school. You are just a normal woman who likes painting”. But I took the message as “Follow your heart. Paint what you want and earn money for it.” That is the reason why I had started painting. I had not paint or draw for 20 years or so!

First I thought I need to create paints that I can sell. I tried to create something looking professional. Well the first two pop arts do not look professional though. I was under pressure that I have to create something looking professional and popular. I was looking outside: what people would think about and like. I was feeling this is not right.

Then I had a chance to talk to Haruko Hyakubu. She is a young artist that I admire. She told me that you are trying to be well, appropriate, nice. It is hard to translate but you may understand what I am trying to say. She advised me to create unwell, no good. Also she advised that if it is hard to create something no good, do not decide what you draw/paint. Just play with colors. Listen to how your heart vibrate when you play drawing and painting. That is the key to explore your own world. Then, you would find what you want to present to this world.

Thus, I started abstract painting. Here are my first three paints. Aren’t they great? I did not intend to create something good. I played with colors.

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