Is it lonely being a mistress in a time of self-isolation?

I got inspired by this article. I am rewriting this fitting my version.

The last time I spoke to my boyfriend, he told me he and his family are fine. I am not worring about the possible worst-case scenario: he or any of his family get diagnosed with Covid-19.

But can I go and leave groceries at his front door if the scenario happens? Or, at least, give him a call to see how he’s doing? Reassure myself? No, because my boyfriend lives in another city, and he happens to be married to someone else.

Whatever the moral argument – and believe me I don’t feel particularly shame of myself – it’s very isolating being a mistress at any time, no matter it is in the time of self-isolation or noraml. And in these worrying weeks, the self-isolaion does make no difference to usual Adulteress Problems.

Because he works from home, my conversations with him generally take place during the day, while his wife is at work, and before his kids come home from school. But on account of the virus, his wife is now also working from home.

I normally work full-time in the office, and I am a solo parent of young kids. And because of the 100km between us , we can’t meet for daytime assignations. Assignations take place at nigt time when he visits our town for his business trip. It is only a couple of times per month. So our relationship comprises me anticipating the “ping” which tells me a text message has arrived.

I also wonder what would happen if he got seriously ill? I only have a mobile number (not his landline, which I could obviously never use, anyway.) I do know his address but obviously I canno visit his house. What I can do is just to pray.

If I’m sounding flippant here, it could be because I’m trying to be calm. I’m alone with no parements or relatives in this nation. I have no close friends around me. It is normal for me to be isolated and distanced from people. It is normal practice to miss turning to the man I love for reassurance, laughter and distraction. I have no idea when we will see each other again. It is totally depending on his business trip. That is why I am calm although the news reports are daily more alarming.

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