I feel reluctance to write honestly.

English is my second language and my English skill is shit. I want to tell a lot. What But I have been feeling a lot of reluctance to post articles. I want to write here is only my honest thoughts and feelings. I am trying not to consider how people see me. This has been binding my life. I am starting this blog therapy to free myself. But it is hard to write very honesty and expose myself… Especially about relationship. Today I am not going to write my relationship. I am not brave enough to write this at this moment. Well, in the beginning nobody in this world read this so that I may not need to afraid of.

I work full-time for a local government. I am getting more and more dissatisfied with the given job. I want to create my job. I have few ideas of my own business: massage and touch therapist, bonsai creator, Japanese garden creator, independent consultant of socio-economic research and evaluation and disaster preparedness specialist. Yes, I am a multi-player and ambitious.

It is always scary to start something new… What I have already started is the therapy. I put an advert in the intranet of my company and I will have my first customers on coming Saturday. I am scared but exited.

OK. Enough today. I am in period. Need a rest. I am going to bed…

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