I am a drifter in this ocean or a king in my kingdom.

I do not know what to write…

I am getting more and more bored at work. Yes, it is time to start self-centered business following Yagisaya. I do not know what makes me happy yet. But I know what I needed in the past?

I needed Womb method that Yagisaya created. I needed someone to open my sexuality. I needed someone to touch me and listen to me. I needed jewelries that empower me. Eating habit change to cure eczema.

If my mind creates my world, serve to myself in the past. Then this world should respond to my services. I know this rule. But how can I move forward? What am I afraid of? Worrying how people think of me? Too tired to write blog articles everyday?

Here I list up topics of my articles: Womb method, self-centered business, touch and pelvic pressing therapy, feeling of not being understood, not able to make myself understood, being marginalized, and not belonging anywhere, anyone, follow my inner voice and get over thread of making changes, bonsai, drawing, eczema, etc.

OK. Let’s keep moving.

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