My business is providing oil massage and touch therapy.

Last week I put an advert of my self-centered business in the intranet of my company. I got three customers booked in. Yay!

What is a self-centered business? This is a new business style that I mentor Yagisaya is disseminating. I will be describing this someday in the near future. This blog is my experiment to express and expose myself in English. It is still hard to describe my thoughts and feelings in this language.

So what service am I providing? Oil massage and touch therapy! The feature of this therapy is soft and slow stroking all your body. This will boost your Oxycontin. Also I massage areas where lymphatic flow clogs. Especially it is good to press along your pelvic bone, where there are 1st and 2nd chakras and women tend to store emotional clogs like anger. Some people experience release of anger through this therapy.

I am providing this service at a trainee price till the end of September as I would like to have more experience.

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