I needed this therapy more than anyone else.

I married a guy that I met at university. We had been friends for 3 years and started dating. I got married when I was 28. At that time we were already sexless. He was not keen to make love with me. He was always exhausted from hard work. I hesitated to ask him to do so. When I was 30, I decided to have a baby. I asked him to make love only when I was ovulating and it was Saturday or Sunday. Fortunately, I got my first child when I was 32. I wanted to have a second child and asked him to make love when I was ovulating. He told me he was too tired to do so and he would be able to do in weekends only. I could not wait the timing when my ovulation comes in weekend as I was not young. I started going IVF. After 9 months trial of IVF, very lucky I got fertilized. I got the second girl when I was 36. Since, I decided to go IVF, I have not had sex with my ex-husband. He has never asked me to have it.

I was so lonely. I felt being abandoned. I hated him so much. I hated him. I hated him.

My therapy has been created for myself in past. I want to tell her that you are amazing and you are loved.

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