Both Age 0 babies and Age 75 women need cuddle.

I am 41 years old. I love cuddle. I need to be cuddled by a man that I love. I have been ashamed of this. I thought it is a sign of immaturity of my mind. A mature and independent woman does not crave cuddle. This was my belief.

The other day, I watched a Swedish documentary film. It is about women over 70 looking for a new partner. Some of them have divorced. Some have already lost husbands. I found their thoughts is exactly same as my thoughts. They just wanted to have a partner to emotionally support and love each other. They just wanted to be loved and cuddled. Many women probably have this simple and fundamental needs over ages from 0 to the end of life.

My girls are 4 years old and 8 years old. Of course they love my cuddle. Children are programed to seek mum’s cuddle. When people get grown-up, they seek cuddle of someone else, called a partner. I had been wanting my husband’s cuddle but I stopped at some point through our sexless life. I stopped craving to pretend that I do not need it. Otherwise, I felt myself miserable and unimportant.

This feeling has been killing me for few years. A couple of years ago, I happened to be cuddled by my old friend. I realised how much being cuddled by a man means to me. The warm feeling of being hold is fundamental happiness. Probably it is not romantic to speak scientifically, but this feeling of happiness is coming from your physical reaction made by oxytocin and beta-endorphin.

Presently I do not have a partner but I can produce oxytocin and beta-endorphin. My oil massage and touch therapy has been created to make myself happy.

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