Why creating hand-painted portrait?

一期一会(ichi go – ichi e), a Japanese philosophy meaning ‘once-in-a-lifetime encounter,’ originates from the 16th-century tea ceremony traditions. It encourages us to value each unique meeting, a reminder particularly pertinent in our busy, digitally-distracted lives.

People we encounter through our live are all 唯一無二 (yui-itsu-mu-ni), meaning the one and only. And you are the one of course. We are all not replaceable, copiable, nor duplicatable. 

Why am I creating hand-painted portraits in the age where AI can create sophisticated custom portraits in a second? I want to suggest to pause, step away from distractions, breathe, feel yourself, reconnect to yourself. Recall your beloved ones, and special moments and memories. Isn’t it worth honoring? I aim to rekindle your connection to cherished memories through art. 

I will commit to transform the essence of your honored moments and special people into hand-painted artworks, with the help of digital images in your devices. The vibrancy of oil paints, textures, and brushstrokes brings each image to life.

Let’s honor the beauty of every encounter with the art of painting.

One and only/唯一無二

One and only hand-painted portrait as per uniquness of the person

Forever memory

Your special moment lives in a frame for lifetime

Easy order

No paper work
No agent
Talk straight to the artist

Welcome to my website, I specialise in creating  portraits of people and pets. My primary medium is oil on canvas and the secondary is watercolor on paper. My style is Impressionism that captures the essence of the moment with vibrant light and colors. I am a New Zealand based artist, originated from Japan, where I grew up with manga Dragon Ball and Hokusai’s Great Wave over Mt. Fuji. I am passionate about capturing the unique beauty of the moment and personality of your special ones. By nature, I just love portraying people and creating the one-and-only treasures for you.

If you are looking to commission a portrait of yourself or your beloved ones, I will commit to create a piece of artwork that you could cherish for a lifetime.

Explore my webpage. Go to Portfolio to learn more about my artwork. You can find the latest in my Instagram. Go to Commissions to lean commission process. You’ll find it easier than you have expected.

Lastly please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or comments. 

Have an image in your mind? Let’s get to work together!