I feel depressed when I cannot speak out.

I had two meetings that I facilitate yesterday and today. Yesterday’s meeting is more serious because people from the other organization attended and it is about a big job. People argued and discussed very enthusiastically. I think I understood more than 80% of what people are talking about. For me just following what they were talking about used up all my capacity. There was no time that I could step in and speak out. I could not even think of my opinion. Yeah. It is beyond my capability. But it is OK. There are many people who can step in that speedy and intelligent discussion. But I was very depressed yesterday. I thought this was because I was too tired. No need to worry about my capability. Well done Kana.

Today I have had the meeting that I facilitate the communication between the two small teams. I prepared well this time so that we could have good communication, I believe. Well done Kana.

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