I am starting a new self-centered business for customers abroad

In addition to the oil massage and touch therapy, I will be selling Horopito herb for customers abroad.

I and my daughter have eczema. I have a policy about food we have that we avoid food that damages gut. People who have eczema are highly likely to have leaky-gut. There are many causes of leaky-gut. Yeast-connections (Candida syndrome) is the major cause.

Horopito kills Candida in gut. I used to take Horopito supplement tablets. But I stopped as I got tired of taking a few supplement tablets including Omega 3, probiotics etc. Horopito leaf flake is a good alternative of pepper. I can take Horopito everyday with no stress. It should be noted that pepper damages gut. Replacing pepper with Horpito is good for who have eczema

I am planing to visit Horopito this weekend. I will take photos and videos there to introduce Horopito for oversea customers.

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